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Problems logging in?

When you log in to Staker.co.uk you will be asked to login into your Facebook account if you are not already logged into Facebook.

This should look like this :

Enter your Facebook email address and password into this box and you will automatically be logged into Staker.co.uk. If you were already logged into Facebook you will automatically be logged into Staker.co.uk

The first time you login into Staker.co.uk you will see the following box appear:

Press "OK" to allow Staker.co.uk to login.

When you give Staker.co.uk access to your public profile, we receive:

Your name, user id, username, profile picture, gender and network in order to identify you Your age range, language and country in order to personalise your Staker.co.uk experience.

If you are having problems logging in, you may need to reset your Staker.co.uk access within Facebook.

Follow the following steps :
1 : Once logged into Facebook, click on "Account settings"
2 : Click on Apps
3 : Find "Poker Staker (www.staker.co.uk)" and click on the cross to remove the Application.

Once you done this, logging back into Staker.co.uk you will be asked to give access as above.

Chrome Specific Problems

If you are having problems logging in via Chrome, ensure Facebook is enabled to accept cookies. To do this follow the following:

Settings > scroll down and select "Show advanced settings" > "Privacy" "Content settings"

Under Cookies, if Block third-party cookies and site data is checked, then facebook.com needs to be listed in the "Manage exceptions list".

If you continue to have problems please email support at Support@staker.co.uk